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What's Happening Now With Denny

I'm a 99% And yes we are Coming!

Before The American people 8/2014

 Certiorari 2013
Email from Denny
cancellation of Invisible contracts
Judicial Recognizance
Securities and Exchange Commission
Independence Day
Appeal brief
Motion for examination
Judaical notice to Supreme Court
Dennys Letter 3/20/12
Writ of Certerori
Demand fortermination of appointed public defender
Letter from Denny3\09\12
Clerk Letter Appeals
Demand for council
Demand for determination of void judgement
Motion for release pending trial
8th circuit denying counsel on first appeal
supreme court docket sheet
letter from Denny2\14\12
FINAL finding of moot finding of trial sentencing judgment commitment void 2012
The judgement
Government's exhibit sheet
The Appeal
The newspaper story
Supreme court clerks make decisions while
the Justice's sit on their Asses

writ of certiorari
findings of fraud 01/05/12
Denny's Complaint 11-4-11
Last Habeas Corpus 10-18-11
Habeas Corpus with all exhibits part 1
part 2   part 3 part 4 part 5
Complaint to court administrator in DC 10-3-11
New letter from Denny Hardin 9-27-11
Notice of appeal filed 9-26-11
Finding of moot 9-21-11
Final order to dismiss with prejudice 9-20-11
 Jurisdictional challenge 9-18-11
Dennys first order 9-18-11
Judge FENNER ORDER 9-18-11
73 Points Jurisdictional challenge 9-16-11
Finding of acts of Treason 9-8-11

Habeas Corpus  U S Supreme court click here
Second Habeas Corpus click here

Petition for Mandamus
& second Mandamus with Exhibits

March 25, 2011,
Today I am ashamed to admit I live in the UNITED STATES. A very good man that has been railroaded by the unjust court system and has endured many months of humiliation was attacked at the institution he was at yesterday. I have it on very good authority that this was a set-up. He was there to be evaluated and the U.S. Marshalls were called on the 15th and have stalled for 2 weeks in bringing him back to this area to go back to court. I ask everyone; “Is this what the UNITED STATES does to a person that they know is speaking the truth and they don’t want it out to the general public?” This man has been carted all across this country for the last 10 months and housed with adjudicated inmates. He has not been to trial and convicted of any crime. In fact the U.S. Attorney Beth Phillips of the Western District stated in her press release that the indictment against him was purely allegations and did not mean he was quilty of any crime and it was up to the prosecution to prove these allegations. Yet instead of taking it to trial; the Prosecutor, Appointed Public Defender and the judges have dragged this out over several months. I ask is this what the government and the courts do to keep their criminal activity from being brought public? He has a broken jaw and an eye socket has been busted and that is all we have been able to find out so far. He could have life threatening injuries yet the Prison seems more concerned with who called me and not informing his family about his condition.  I guess the courts are so intimitated by his knowledge of the law that they are willing to have him seriously injured or murdered to keep him from going to trial. I pray for this country and my fellow countrymen. We have just entered the world of Nazi Germany and the Gestapo. I am asking everyone to pray for this man’s safety and for your own because it is obvious we live in a lawless state where they can injure and kill people if they do not like the truth they are stating. Want to know who I am speaking about?
This honorable man is Denny Ray Hardin.

Download Denny Hardin's  International Case

      FROM DENNY ( FBI has gone gestapo ) 
                    D e n n y s FED Case                   

Docket #4 Motion for Dentention hearing  Docket#6 order granting continuance  Docket#9 Order appointing PD

Docket#12 Denying motion to dismiss        Docket#15 Motion for Oreder for mental competency  Docket# 5 Motion for continuance

Docket#1 INDICTMENT  Docket#7 Minutes initial appearence  Docket#10 Arresy Warrent Docket#13 Motion for psychiatric exam 

  Docket#16 Order to clerk  Docket# 18 ORDER   Docket #3 sui juris Moton to dismiss  Docket#2 Order referring case to Larsen

Docket#8 AFFIDAVIT- no doc  Docket#11 Order temporary custody  Docket#14 proposed exhibit list

Docket#17 Electronic Trascript -Redaction of Transcripts.   DOCKET.

Federal Case motion to dismiss   exhibit   court document    When they can't  find a true crime,This is what they invent to make a crime CLICK HERE
A list of co-conspirator's in Dennys case

New Docket Entries
current docket      
Docket#20      Docket#21     Docket#22       Docket#23 

Docket #24   Docket #25   Docket # 26

Banned doc Judicial notice of exhibits for trial
Judicial Notice filed May 12    Exhibit 1 for trial   Exhibit 2 for trial   Exhibit 3 for trial     Exhibit 4 for trial   Exhibit 5 for trial

Exhibit 6 for trial    Exhibit 7 for trial     Exhibit 8 for trial     Exhibit 9 for trial     Exhibit 10 for trial   Exhibit 11 for trial

Exhibit 12 for trial   Exhibit 13 for trial   Exhibit 14 for trial   Exhibit 15 for trial   Exhibit 16 for trial   Exhibit 17 for trial

Exhibit 18 for trial   Exhibit 19 for trial   Exhibit 20 for trial   Exhibit 21 for trial   Exhibit 22 for trial   Exhibit 23 for trial

Exhibit 24 for trial    Exhibit 25 for trial
Banned doc 3 defendents response to motion for detention

Defendents response to Motion for Detention   Exhibit 1- motion for detention   Exhibit 2- Motion for Dentention  Exhibit 3- Motion for Detention
Banned doc 2- response to indictment
Transcripts of 2006 case of Judge's testimony
Zip files ->  Transcripts.ZIP
    exhibit.ZIP    docket.ZIP

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people,
 it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government---lest
it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
                                                                                   Patrick Henry

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Dennys State Case

New filings, Denny  Court Administrater  Complaint to Commission  Commissions response
  Answer to Second Judicial Notice 04-15-10  
The court's Answer to Show Cause 04-15-10
 Answer to show cause 
Slavery in America, new  letter from Denny .    
Randolph County obstruction of justice. filed 03-31-2010
command law Habeas corpus filed 03-29-2010  
Reservation of Right to Randolph county (Denny's) 

Letter from Denny America_from_my_shoes 

REFILE of HABEAS CORPUS Denny's case 03-18-10
And documents for background in this case

HABEAS CORPUS filed in Denn'y case 03-01-10    and the Exhibits
Motion to dismiss Missouri Supreme Court
Motion to dismiss Jackson county
Exhibits march 1 2010

documents  filed 02/16/10 to:


More Criminal Complaint to Dept of Justice

Criminal Complaint to Dept of Justice

Amended 29.15

New Filing in Denny's case PETITION IN PROHIBITION click here

Progress Report to the President

The Real Truth Behind Denny's Incarceration

Download a flash video of Denny's ,declaration of Truth Click HERE
Denny's case update 10-28-09  
Denny court case Exhibit update     

Letter from Denny 


Letter from Melinda to principals

Why was Judgment removed ? 

New video on ustream

Letters from Friends

Notice of Appeal

Answer to probation Violation
Answer to Motion to quash Subpoenas

How  the local Liberal paper Twisted the Facts...

Pravda   { you must read this }

I guess "Attorneys" control the "Military" as well. Attached is what I sent to JAG and the response that was received. Under Public Law 18 USC 4 we are to present criminal complaints to our public offices or military officers. What this clearly shows is a total breakdown of the system of accountability under contracts within our nation. These issues will be expressed to the "Universal Postal Union" UPU and the "Hague Convention" to request enforcement of "International Law" because the "National Law" has failed to enforce the laws of commerce.
I challenge M. S. BREWEN, as a "Foreign Agent" under Public Law 22 USC 611, as a BAR member who has "misprisioned felonies" in violation of Public Law 18 USC 4. I challenge this "Public Officer" under the "Original 13th Amendment" for holding an office of trust in violation of the "Constitution for the United States of America". Should you agree with me, please send him a letter and express your dissatisfaction with his performance to defend and protect our Constitution, rights, privileges and immunities, but above all our Nation and its people.
JAG has two more opportunities to do it right as indicated on the website. Let's hope these men of honor will come to their senses and act as required by law.
Denny R. Hardin 

Date: Monday, August 17, 2009, 11:39 AM

 Sara Shepherd and Mark Morris,  I would like to make a comment as to what you THINK is a good and thorough news article. You see in this country as we know it today, the truth of the matter is,is that ignorance is BLISS. You both seem to fit these shoes. You really do not know, nor could even begin to understand the meaning of being a true American. It isn't about the FLAG either. That is something else in which you will never understand. I truly  feel sorry for both of you. I, along with a very few other true Americans, would like to ask. Show me where it is law to Have, Hire or Have an Appointed ATTORNEY to an individual. It is so sad as to the ignorance in which many foggy minded US CITIZENS co-exist in this world. You my friends, have no conception as to what could, and is actually happening in this country today. It grows ever so slowly as moss on a tree.You cant even notice it, or even pay attention to it.But my only hope for you both is that you only look forward to your little newspaper articles you submit and think you have done something really BIG and made an impact on your little society groups. Well Truth of the matter is, You haven't even begun to touch base nor will you even come close to an honorable man as Denny Hardin.       Denny, If you happen to get to read this commentary, If they have enough guts to print it in their little newspaper, I commend and respect you in all that you represent. Elizabeth Novak, South Carolina


The petition for habeas corpus that was filed in Randolph County is posted on this website and shows yet
further corruption of the BAR to control our lives. Denny has spent the last 20 years trying to help his fellow Americans
but when he needed their help they fell short; except a few and you know who you are; and I Thank you whole heartedly.
I have been asked to send in an amended petition to show cause. I clearly did this with the first one but it is another stall tactic,
so tomorrow I will send in an amended petition and then it will be posted on here. Denny and
I, and the administrators of the Americans Republic Party have tried to post documents and
videos on here to help our fellow Americans. But after all this defeat, and corruption of our public officials
I feel saddened to say I believe America is now dead. We no longer live in the Land of the free and the home of the brave.
America has turned into a bunch of spineless, brainless people that are willing to accept their fate and are either too afraid
or don’t want to get involved. The majority of America does not deserve to be free because they have no
conception as to what Liberty truly is. Denny has put his Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness on the line for his
fellow Americans, and as it looks from my shoes right now; it has all been in vain. Denny is only one voice and it takes a nation of voices
to fight the corruption we are up against right now. It seems, the majority of the people in the
United States are complacent and are ok with living in a communist country.
I believe these people who are not willing to stand their ground deserve everything that is to come and will have
no one to blame when their grandchildren will not even be able to recite a prayer with God in it for fear they
will be imprisoned. Denny feels totally defeated and is now resigned to the fact that the spirit of America is dead,
we all are slaves and the BAR controls everything.
There is no longer an American Government. The American Government derives its power from the Constitution.
Since the Constitution is no longer in force; there is no longer a lawful government within the United States of America.
The British have established a fraudulent government ran by their agents to destroy our Constitution,
our Financial Industry and our Freedoms. Unless America stands up for these principles of our nation;
America will soon be a British colony once again. Denny is ashamed of the American people for letting all of our forefathers;
who gave their lives to create this great nation; to die in vain. While you believe our country is great,
in reality our country is poor because we no longer have Liberty or Freedom in our Nation. Without these;
we are slaves to government. Unfortunately it is the British Government. All Americans are dead; we are now all British subjects
controlled by the British Accredited Registry that controls all nations of the world. These BAR members are present in all nations
and are the source of corruption in all countries of the world. We the masses are controlled by the few.
 God Bless to all

Letter from Denny America_from_my_shoes  
Slavery in America, new  letter from Denny . 
Randolph County obstruction of justice. filed 03-31-2010

 common law Habeas corpus filed 03-29-2010  
 Please help Denny it's just a phone call, click here
 Denny last words to our government
 Letter from Denny America_from_my_shoes
 Denny last words to our government
 Motion to dismiss Missouri Supreme Court (Denny)
 Motion to dismiss Jackson county (Denny)
 Exhibits march 1 2010 (Denny)
Where do we go from here (a letter from Denny )

 Documents  filed in Denny's case 02/16/10 to:
Criminal Complaint to Dept of Justice 

 New Filing in Denny's case PETITION IN PROHIBITION click here

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The Private Bank of Denny R. Hardin does not have any agents promoting his services.
Do not pay any person who says they are an agent for his private bank.
These people are engaging in FRAUD 18 U.S.C. 1001